Who we are

Located next to the Mediterranean Sea, INCLASS is a dynamic and innovative family company that since the late 1990s has been devoted to manufacturing contemporary design furniture for work environments, public spaces and private homes.

Driven by a need to understand and interpret a world that is experiencing rapid changes, INCLASS works in close relationship with leading international designers to create innovative products that are always the expression of a refined, elegant and timeless design.

Focused towards the end user, our complete range of designs is committed to functionality, transversal use and beauty. Our products are designed for versatile use in a variety of both public- and private-use contexts always with the aim of inspiring modern and healthy spaces where people can interact, work and live better.

With a global approach and local manufacturing, our designs are born from the work of our experienced human team. For more than twenty years, our entire production has been locally made, combining craftsmanship with the latest technologies. Our in-house production, together with a local network of specialized suppliers, allows us to maintain quality control while offering a wide range of finishes, as well as the possibility of producing customized products tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Today our designs are specified and sold around the world by the best specialized distributors, interior designers and architects. Thanks to them, our furniture is present in renowned offices, public buildings, hotels, restaurants and private residences of more than sixty countries.

The knowledge acquired over time, the experience and the support of our customers and friends from around the world, makes us look forward to the future with energy and motivation to create increasingly attractive, functional and innovative designs.


With end users at the heart of what we do, we are in a constant improvement process to manufacture high quality products that exceed the expectations of our global clients.

To ensure high quality products, our furniture is locally crafted under three premises: good design, selection of quality materials and above all the experienced work of our human team.

Our furniture is always designed to last and undergoes strict safety and durability tests at independent laboratories in accordance with the most demanding international regulations.

Annually, quantifiable quality objectives are set, and continuous quality improvement actions are applied in a continuous process.

Since 2005, INCLASS is audited by Bureau Veritas that certifies that the company works according to the quality standards established in the ISO 9001.

As a result all INCLASS products come with an standard warranty of 5 years.


Aware of our environmental responsibility towards future generations, ecological thinking, responsibility and sustainability are deeply rooted in our daily activities.

This environmental awareness translates among others into the following actions:

All our products are locally manufactured in our ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified production plants. Under strict certified procedures, INCLASS classifies, separates and recycles all the waste it generates on its production plants.

INCLASS products are designed to last. They always have a timeless aesthetics and are tested under strict international quality standards in order to have a long life, thus preventing the generation of unnecessary waste.

Producing objects with a long life is the best way to avoid the consumption of energy, natural resources and the generation of unnecessary waste. For this reason, INCLASS products always have a timeless aesthetic not subject to short-term trends and are designed to last. The quality of the products is certified by independent laboratories under strict international quality standards.

Our products are designed to minimize the number of components and the company gives priority to the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

INCLASS is also firmly committed to the production of products that help create safe and healthy environments. We are constantly working to reduce and replace dangerous or harmful chemical components in our products as new, safer and more ecological alternatives appear on the market.

In order to optimize our environmental management systems and reducing to the utmost the impact of our business activity on the environment. We establish quantifiable annual objectives to minimize the use of resources in a continuous improvement process that has increased our environmental efficiency year after year reducing the waste and minimizing the consumption of energy, water, raw materials and other natural resources.

Since 2009, INCLASS is an ISO 14001 certified company. The most internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems. Every year the company is audited by BUREAU VERITAS that certifies that INCLASS fulfils all the requirements stablished in the environmental management system.


Thanks to our clients and global partners, INCLASS products are currently present in more than sixty countries.

We have logistics and distribution network that is able to sell and deliver its products anywhere in the world.

Please contact our Customer Service team and we will inform you on how to access our products in your city, region or country.

Customer Service details:
Phone: +34965405230
Email: export@inclass.es