Lin Tapiz
Designed by Alegre Design

LIN TAPIZ is an innovative system of multiple seats, designed to inhabit high-traffic indoor public spaces. With a refined and timeless design, the collection is completely modular and allows multiple configurations to be created. The structure and arms are entirely made of aluminum alloy, a sustainable material which allows the creation of resistant and light benches, with minimal maintenance and 100% recyclable. Using intermediate legs and connection tables, the system allows the creation of benches with different shapes and infinite length. The combination of aluminum and upholstery allows the creation of benches with high performance that are at the same time comfortable, welcoming and provide warmth to the spaces where they are located.


Alegre Design

Alegre Design is an international design company based in Valencia (Spain). Since 2001, they have worked with brands from all over the world to create and launch to market more than 200 products. Alegre Design inspires change though design. Its collaborative team is permanently seeking new perspectives and ideas with which to redefine services, products and experiences, providing value through innovation while creating a better future for people and companies. For more than twenty years, Alegre Design has faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in diverse and impactful collaborations worldwide. Through these collaborations, Alegre Design is able to transfer knowledge between industries and cultures allowing for meaningful innovation, inspiring new technologies and fostering positive experiences for those looking to push beyond what they know. Alegre Design understands design as a global process which is not only limited to style, but can also create realistic solutions for a products lifespan: from production processes, manufacturing, efficiency, user interactions and even the impact of environmentally-friendly materials. The studio combines design thinking with agile methodologies and applies them to project management in order to create products, experiences, and services that open new market opportunities. Alegre Design covers all research and design processes, bringing creativity and solutions to every phase of a project. Their products have won various design awards, including If Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, Good Design Award and FX International Design Award.

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