Plania Bench

PLANIA BENCH is a versatile collection of modular benches characterized by a linear, elegant and timeless design. A collection that combines functionality, flexibility and design. PLANIA benches are available in a wide range of sizes, with or without backrest, and can be built with different types of legs. For full functionality, the collection offers a series of connecting elements that allow the configuration of multiple shapes and combinations, facilitating their integration into all types of environments and spaces.

Tetris Bench

The TETRIS modular sofa system stands out for its pure and timeless design that facilitates its integration in all kinds of waiting environments. The collection has been designed as a play of upholstered geometric pieces, where different seats, backrests, arms, panels and side tables can be combined to create endless custom configurations.

Lapse Bench

LAPSE is a comprehensive modular programme that transcends the classic concept of seating for waiting areas. The broad range of elements and accessories available and the special design of the modules allows endless compositions to be configured, transforming waiting areas into modern collaborative spaces for interaction. The collection offers a varied range of seating modules, side units, privacy screens and connectivity accessories that can be combined to fit the functional needs of any space or project.

Escalas Bench

ESCALAS is a flexible modular collection of sofas and benches designed to inhabit modern lounge spaces and waiting environments. The collection stands out for its elegant, balanced and timeless design. The ESCALAS sofas are built combining different elements such as: upholstered seats, with or without backrests, arms of different formats, privacy panels and tabletops, over horizontal platforms of different sizes. The result is a highly configurable collection that allows to create both traditional sofas or complex modular shapes that will easily fit into the most varied projects and spaces.

Ann Bench

ANN is an extensive collection of versatile chairs, stools and benches with a neutral timeless design that is both amiable and welcoming through the use of natural wood and upholstery. Different, chairs, armchairs, stools and benches are generated by combining sleek wooden seats with a range of bases. The seat mono-shells are available in beech, oak and walnut veneer, lacquered in colours or fully upholstered. The versatile design of this collection enables it to adapt to all kinds of contexts and settings.

Nim Bench

Masterfully designed by the YONOH studio, NIM is a collection of chairs and stools for versatile use, that stand out for its elegant, fluid and transversal design. The comfortable mono-shells seats are available in beech, oak and walnut veneer or come fully upholstered in two versions. The fully upholstered versions can carry a decorative piped edge on its contour in contrast to the upholstery. NIM chairs are available with three different bases: sled, four steel leg and four wooden leg. The warmth of the wooden shells and the textures of the upholsteries will inspire friendly and welcoming environments in spaces for public use and private residences.

Unnia Bench

Designed by Simon Pengelly, UNNIA is an extensive collection of versatile chairs, armchairs, stools and benches with a unique concept of colour and finish combinations. Its design allows plastic or upholstered seats and backrests to be combined, in one or two colours, with a varied range of bases of different functionality. The concept allows the configuration of an endless number of customised designs that adapt to a diversity of contexts, spaces or decorative styles. UNNIA collection has been awarded the prestigious design prize: “Design Guild Mark”.

Unnia tapiz Bench

The UNNIA TAPIZ collection groups all the versions with upholstered seat and back in the UNNIA range, thus completing an extensive family of versatile chairs. The collection shares the same philosophy of customization as the UNNIA collection with plastic seats and backs. This is the possibility of combining seats, backrests and arms with a wide range of bases to create endless custom designs with different functionalities.

Thanks to its refined, timeless and versatile design, the UNNIA collection has been awarded the prestigious “Design Guild Mark” design award.

Varya wood Bench

The VARYA WOOD collection is a transversal collection of wooden shell chairs, stools and benches that expands the possibilities of the wide VARYA family keeping the same transversal, refined and timeless spirit. With a neutral yet friendly and welcoming design thanks to the use of natural wood veneers, this collection is designed to inspire cosy and versatile environments in both residential and public spaces. Different, chairs, armchairs, stools and benches are generated by combining sleek wooden seats with an extense range of bases configuring one of the largest and most complete families on the market.

Varya tapiz Bench

The VARYA TAPIZ collection gather all the upholstered versions in the VARYA family keeping the same transversal and timeless spirit of the collection with plastic seats. With its many versions the collection configure one of the largest and most complete ranges on the market. An extensive family of chairs, armchairs, stools and benches that are generated by combining comfortable mono-shells, available with three different patterns of upholstery: soft, plain or horizontal stitching, with a broad range of base types. The wide variety of possible combinations and finishes enables the configuration of endless customized designs that can easily fit into diverse environments both public and private keeping always a coherent project aesthetic.

Varya Bench

Designed by Simon Pengelly, the VARYA collection is a truly transversal and functional family of chairs that easily crosses the boundary between public and domestic spaces. The VARYA family configure one of the largest and most complete ranges on the market. With an elegant and refined design, VARYA allows to furnish different types of spaces with the same family of seating, keeping always coherent project aesthetic. Different, chairs, armchairs, stools and benches are generated by combining comfortable seats with an extense range bases. The broad variety of combinations, together with the extensive range of available finishes, allow for endless possibilities of customization without altering the unique character and timeless spirit of this original family designed for inhabiting the most diverse array of settings and contexts.


Designed by Jorge Pensi, AARHUS is a collection of benches designed to inhabit high traffic waiting environments. A collection of modular seats and tables that are combined into horizontal aluminium frames to create elegant and timeless benches that can be customized to match with the requirements of diverse spaces, uses and architectures. The AARHUS benches are available with upholstered or integral polyurethane seats. The arms and tabletops can be fitted in between the seats. Metallic parts are available in aluminum, black or white colour. The benches can incorporate cast aluminum or solid wood legs and the standard compositions can be configured from two to six seats. Longer benches can be produced for special projects.