Dunas Lounge

The new DUNAS LOUNGE collection extends the possibilities of the renowned DUNAS family. An exclusive collection of refined and elegant lounge armchairs, designed to bring style and comfort into corporate, hospitality, or residential environments. The collection comprises armchairs with high or medium backrest and a matching ottoman. Both the armchairs and ottoman can be customized with a wide variety of upholstery fabrics and leathers. The base is equipped with self-return swivel movement and can be finished in polished or painted aluminum.


Designed by Christophe Pillet, ENTROPY is a modular sofa system that works as a play of geometries that allow for countless compositions to be formed and a total adaptation to the most diverse spaces. The collection offers a wide range of modular seats in different sizes and shapes that can be freely combined with different backrests, arms, tables and accessories. The original and elegant backrest support marks the identity of this versatile collection and adds a touch of distinction.

The broad range of available fabrics and finishes allow endless possibilities of customization that facilitate its integration into the most diverse architectures, settings and contexts.


ESCALAS is a flexible modular collection of sofas and benches designed to inhabit modern lounge spaces and waiting environments. The collection stands out for its elegant, balanced and timeless design. The ESCALAS sofas are built combining different elements such as upholstered seats, with or without backrests, arms of different formats, privacy panels and table tops over horizontal platforms of different sizes. The result is a highly configurable collection that allows to create both traditional sofas or complex modular shapes that will easily fit into the most varied projects and spaces.


Designed by Christophe Pillet, MARCUS is a collection of iconic sofas created to inhabit  lounge spaces in corporate or residential environments. The collection stands out for its elegance, comfort and a balanced and timeless design. The original cast aluminium legs give the ensemble a light and slender appearance. The MARCUS collection comprises sofas in four sizes wisely produced with high quality materials.


LAPSE is a comprehensive modular programme that transcends the classic concept of seating for waiting areas. The broad range of elements and accessories available and the special design of the modules allows endless compositions to be configured, transforming waiting areas into modern collaborative spaces for interaction. The collection offers a varied range of seating modules, side units, privacy screens and connectivity accessories that can be combined to fit the functional needs of any space or project.


LUND is a collection of sofas and armchairs designed to inhabit modern waiting areas, lounge spaces or private residences. With a balanced and calm design, the LUND armchairs have been designed to provide elegance and comfort to the environments where they are placed. The armchairs are available with two types of armrests and two upholstery variants. The first combines the upholstery with an eveloping oak mono-shell the second features a fully upholstered seat.

Dunas xs

DUNAS XS seating collection arises from the pursuit of a transversal and iconic design that can inhabit the most diverse spaces and environments. The family is generated by combining comfortable seats, available with and without arms, with a wide variety of bases of different functionality. The wide range of finishes and bases available offers great possibilities for use in all types of contexts and spaces. Refinement, formal clarity and essential elegance are the hallmarks of this versatile collection of seating designed by Christophe Pillet.

Dunas XL

Designed by Cristophe Pillet, the DUNAS XL collection represents the essence of lounge seating. The elegant seating bodies are available in two heights, and can be combined with different swivel or fixed bases available in metal or wood. Its enveloping and fluid shapes, together with a sophisticated design of pure and elegant lines,are an invitation to take a seat, relax and unwind.


Designed by renowned designer Jorge Pensi, the ALTEA seating collection arises from the search for a family of seats that can have a broad spectrum of uses in both professional and domestic environments. This iconic family, originates from the combination of comfortable seat bodies, available in three heights, with diverse bases of different functionality. The wide choice of versions and finishes together with the essential and appealing design of the seats, allow a broad spectrum of use in all kinds of spaces.


The TETRIS modular sofa system stands out for its pure and timeless design that facilitates its integration in all kinds of waiting environments. The collection has been designed as a play of upholstered geometric pieces, where different seats, backrests, arms, panels and side tables can be combined to create endless custom configurations.


PAU is a versatile collection of upholstered modular elements that can be freely configured to adapt to the most diverse spaces and environments. The collection is made up of upholstered seats and sofas of differen sizes to which upholstered wooden or metal arms can be attached. The sofas can be upholstered with all the fabrics and leathers from the INCLASS sample book or with fabrics supplied or specified by the customer. The variety of elements and finishes available make it easy to integrate them into all kinds of projects.