LAMINAR is a versatile system of tables whose formal identity is characterized by a refined, elegant and timeless design, capable of integrating perfectly into various work, contract or domestic spaces and contexts. The elegant structure of the tables, entirely made of aluminum, identifies the aesthetics of this collection that combines minimalism, lightness and resistance. The tables can be manufactured in three heights. The structure is available in a wide selection of sizes and colors. The tabletops are available in a wide selection of formats, materials and finishes, to facilitate their integration into different environments. The table system includes intermediate legs that allow tables to be configured by sections of infinite size. The collection is completed with a wide range of accessories, cut-outs and top access elements that allow optimal functionality. Environmental factors have been taken into account in the design of the collection. For this reason, the materials used are 100% recyclable and the tables are easily disassembled to allow their correct recycling at the end of their useful life.


ELIX is a collection of versatile tables that stand out by its timeless and essential design. The collection is characterized by an elegant and functional base with four aluminum spokes that allows multiple tables to be configured.

The tables are available in three heights with round or square tops in different sizes and materials. Both the tops and the bases, are available in a wide range of finishes that allow multiple combinations facilitating its integration in multiple meeting, hospitality or domestic spaces.


LEX is a collection of versatile tables designed for flexible use in public or domestic spaces. The central frame includes an elegant 4-spoke aluminum base that gives identity to this functional family. The bases are manufactured in a wide range of colours. The tables are available in three heights with tops in different materials and in round or square formats. The collection includes tables with a fix or flip top.

Dividers / Screens

DESK DIVIDERS & SCREENS are a group of accessories designed to improve privacy and acoustic comfort, facilitating work and concentration in collaborative environments. The desk dividers and screens, are available in various sizes and can be customized with a wide variety of fabric options to give a personal identity to your space or project. To achieve a complete functionality, the collection includes a series of practical accessories such as: pencil holders, magnet boards and supports for your mobile gadgets.

Plania Table

With an architectural, pure and timeless aesthetic, PLANIA is a complete collection of transversal tables that blends performance, flexibility, and design. The PLANIA table system offers both single top tables in a wide range of sizes and big modular tables with sectional tops of endless dimensions. The collection has broad customization possibilities to facilitate its integration in private, corporate, or public spaces.

Arc Table

Designed by Yonoh studio, ARC is a multipurpose chairs and tables collection characterized by a timeless elegant design of fluid and enveloping lines. The original shape of the backrest simulates an arc that embraces the body to provide shelter and comfort. The collection includes chairs with two types of frame, sled base or four leg. The versatile tables complete the collection and share common aesthetic features with the chairs.  Due to its refined, light and timeless design, ARC chairs have been awarded the prestigious design prize: “IF Product Design Award.”


Designed by Jonathan Prestwich, the ESSENS tables combine versatility, beauty and harmonious proportions. The meeting point between two essential volumes in equilibrium generates a table base with a sculptural outline. The highly transversal ESSENS programme of tables comprises six types of 100% recyclable polyethylene table bases that allow composing tables in an endless variety of formats and sizes. The original design makes possible to configure tables with a single top or tables by sections of endless size. The bases have been designed to easily solve cable management. The tables can be equipped with different sockets, chargers, connections and accessories. The multiple possibilities of base and top combinations, together with the extensive range of available finishes, allows for endless customisation possibilities.


Designed by Christophe Pillet, STIKS is a collection of versatile tables originated by the combination of an original central base with four wooden legs with tabletops available in different formats and materials. The bases have oak wood legs and are available in two heights, 40cm and 74cm. Its essential design together with the warmth of natural wood facilitate its integration in multiple spaces and contexts.


SUI is a collection of tables for transversal use that stands out for its refined and timeless design that emerges from the rapport between the flat and curved surfaces. The result is an elegant, essential and versatile table that harmoniously blends in with all kinds of spaces and environments. The SUI tables are entirely manufactured with an aluminum frame that makes them light but sturdy and corrosion resistant at the same time. The tables are available in a wide range of sizes, from small occasional tables to large format work and meeting tables. The wide variety of frame finishes, top materials and accessories available allow the customization of the tables to match the requirements of the most diverse spaces, uses and architectures.


FLAT is a collection of functional and versatile tables with central column base. The tables are characterized by their essential design and have been conceived to inhabit a wide range of contexts in offices, meeting rooms, restaurants or private residences. The tables arise from the combination of bases available in different dimensions, formats and heights, with table tops in a wide range of sizes, materials and finishes.


MALIBU is a collection of versatile tables with central base that stand out by its lightness, functionality and contemporary design which make them ideal for contract, office or domestic projects. The tables are characterised by its original four spokes central base made of cast aluminum that can be combined with round or square tops in available in different sizes and materials.  The MALIBU tables are produced in three heights.