Politica di Qualità

INCLASS DESIGNWORKS S.L. management, convinced that to ensure the success of the company it is essential to establish and develop a Quality and Environmental Management System, acquires the commitment to do it based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9.001 y UNE-EN-ISO 14001. The general guidelines of the Quality and Environment Policy are the following:


1. We all strive to do things better and with a higher level of quality everyday.

2. We try to satisfy the needs of our interested parties in terms of product and service with the same level of demand that we would ask for ourselves.

3. We require from our interested parties the necessary collaboration to improve our products and services in order to satisfy everyone's needs properly.

4. We believe that the human factor is essential to improve the overall quality of the company. That is why we strive to improve the training and working methods of our human team.

5. Our objective is that our interested parties perceive the continuous improvement of our products, service and our quality and environment system, proving our commitment to the prevention of pollution.

6. We comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and with other requirements that the organization subscribes related to its environmental aspects, as well as the legal requirements of the sector.

7. The organization uses the processes-oriented risk assessment methodology in order to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the management system.


Management is aware that the corresponding material and human resources must be provided to the staff in order to implement the above guidelines successfully in the company.


The Quality and Environment Management System is defined in the Quality and Environment Manual, which aims to define, systematize and control all the phases or activities related to the quality of our products. This Manual is mandatory for all INCLASS DESIGNWORKS, S.L. staff.


With the aim of constantly improving our quality and commitment to the environment, Quality and Environmental Objective Plans are established annually in order to control the implementation and efficiency of our Quality and Environmental Management System.