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The Management of INCLASS DESIGNWORKS, S.L., company dedicated to the “Design, manufacturing and commercialization of office and contract furniture.” and “the purchase of FSC Mix and FSC 100% wood for the manufacture of FSC Mix and FSC 100% chairs and stools by the transfer system with the possible subcontracting of the lacquering and varnishing process” through this document aims to establish the main guidelines of the company with the purpose of:

  1. In our daily work we all strive to do things better and with a higher level of quality.
  2. We try to satisfy the needs of our interested parties in terms of product and service, with the same level of demand that we would ask for ourselves.
  3. We require from our interested parties the necessary collaboration to improve our products and services, in order to adequately satisfy everyone’s needs.
  4. We believe that the human factor is essential in improving the total quality of the company. For this reason, we strive to improve the training and work methods of our human team.
  5. We seek that our interested parties perceive the continuous improvement of our products, our service and quality and environmental system, showing our commitment to pollution prevention.
  6. We comply with the legal requirements, regulatory and other requirements that the organization subscribes to related to its environmental aspects, as well as the legal requirements of the sector.
  7. The organization uses the risk assessment methodology to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the management system.

For this purpose and always having the Management System as a reference, the following guidelines are established:

– Commitment to compliance with FSC values ​​as defined in the policy for the association of FSC organizations (FSC POL 01.004 initially approved in 2009)

-Avoid the use of wood from illegal exploitations and the illegal commercialization of wood or forest products

-Avoid the use of wood from farms where human and traditional rights are violated in forestry operations.

-Avoid the use of wood from farms where the destruction of high conservation values in forestry operations ​​occurs.

-Avoid the use of wood from farms where there is significant conversion of forests to plantations or lands with non-forestry uses.

-Avoid the use of wood from farms where the use of genetically modified organisms is encouraged in forestry operations.

-Carry out maintenance of facilities and machinery by all the company staff.

-Avoid the use of wood from farms where there is a violation of any of the fundamental ILO agreements, as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998, which are as follows:

· Freedom of association and collective bargaining. Freedom of association and freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

· Forced labour.

· Child labour.

· Discrimination at work.

· Security and health at work.

Management is aware that they must provide the staff with the corresponding material and human means in order to implement successfully the above guidelines in the company.

The Management of INCLASS DESIGNWORKS, S.L. company signs this policy and assumes the commitment to maintain and extend the content of this policy to the general public.

DATE: September 15th, 2023